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Momentum is a new star in the IT market, and thanks to the expertise and knowledge of our team, we have gained many loyal clients in a very short time. With the development of our business through the years of work experience of our founders, we have acquired a great knowledge of information technologies and are unique in that we can offer you a complete service.

We will design for you everything related to IT infrastructure, through installation and implementation, to documentation and education, to maintenance and customer support that you may need.

In addition to managing IT projects, we also provide business reporting and analytics services on Microsoft databases, as well as database administration and maintenance.

We are also engaged in web design, web site and web store development and e-commerce consulting, SEO optimization and web-based writing.

We are unique in the integrity of our service. You get everything in one place, you don’t have to ask for 10 offers from 10 different contractors. You come for the services of our team and you sleep peacefully!

What our clients say about us

Testimonials from our dear clients about the results of our work and the quality of our cooperation.

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    Ivana and Momentum developed my webshop www.faceyoga.hr and I know how professional, meticulous, attentive Ivana is, how much she knows and with what passion she works! In fact, I don't know how much he knows because he surprises me with something new every time and constantly tries to keep up with novelties and possible improvements. I felt really safe, in the right hands and I was able to relax in the whole process because I knew everything was going in the right direction. When we launched our webshop, Momentum and Ivana continued to monitor the work and growth, we were continuously in contact for all additional instructions, questions and consultations related to sales management and the website. With Momentum you are in safe hands and you can relax !!

    • Ivana
    • Face yoga by Ivana
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    When I entered the entrepreneurial waters with the online yoga studio project, guided by the vision of creating a better everyday life for the wider community, it was indescribably important for me to have support in realizing my wishes. When Momentum joined the project, he really gave it momentum and thus justified his name many times over. Ivana fully understood the needs of the project, and even more than that, and provided much needed support, so that my partner and I could dedicate ourselves to other things, with complete confidence that the creation of a demanding site is in safe hands. Ivana approached the project with motherly care, watching it grow, guiding us and looking forward to every success. We unquestionably wanted to keep the cooperation even after the site came out, so we transformed the project management tasks into maintenance and consulting services. We look forward to all the new joint successes!

    • Petra
    • BUDI joga studio
  • Client Image

    When we finally decided to make a website, we didn’t bother about the choice for long - Momentum was the right decision! Ivana is full of patience, ideas and knowledge. The website is professional and yet attentive, just what we wanted. Since we had no idea how to design the site, it was great that Ivana took the whole project from start to finish, giving us ideas and instructions on how to realize the ideas. From the design of the elements to the design of the photos, the testimonials of our clients, the descriptions of our services, finding an external collaborator for the texts for the site, SEO instructions, following every step Momentum covered the project completely. After the launch of the site, we decided to continue cooperation in the form of maintenance and consulting services. Momentum analyzes the results of the user experience, regularly monitors the site traffic analysis and regularly informs us about it. We are very satisfied!

    • Ana
    • Računovodstvo Ledine d.o.o.
  • Client Image

    Momentum rules !!! Total confidence in someone that will make a great redesign, completely tidy up our webshop and still propose a bunch of new ideas !!! Beautiful communication and great price for everything performed.

    • Jasminka
    • Kreativni brlog
  • Client Image

    Superb collaboration on website design! Professional performance arranged with countless additional little things we didn't even know we needed! Momentum is a valuable link in the chain of our business success!

    • Marko
    • Publicus d.o.o.

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